Beauty and Chess Geek’s First Chess Video!

Hello Everyone,

Beauty and Chess Geek has finally made their first chess video.
We decided to do a Tata Steel game from A-group.
Round 5: Harikrishna – Van Wely (1-0)

We decided to do this game, other than the ones requested because in this game there is a very nice king side attack which leads to a tactical finish!

Sadly, because of YouTube restrictions we had to divide our analysis in 3 parts (our video was suppose to be 27 minutes, but the minimum for new users is 10 minutes per video).

We really hope you enjoy the video, and please share us some criticism. (Especially with me, because this was my first analysis of a game with an audience, I need to improve myself for the future!)

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We would really like to know what to do for our next chess video!

Thanks everyone! Have a Nice day!

Here are the Video(s):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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