How has chess helped you in real life? – Answered by Chess Players all around the World!

Chess is a beautiful old game which requires a lot of calculation, theory, and strategy.. Whether we are looking at short or long calculations, it improves our mind in different ways to help us in our everyday lives. Thinking before you moves goes with thinking before making certain actions. Tactics goes hand in hand with creating short term plans/goals, while Strategy goes with long term plans/goals. Openings helps you improve your memorization skills which could help a lot in school.

Here is what some chess players around the world say about chess and how it will help in life:

It kept me from doing bad things to myself after my divorce. Chess is the reason I’m still alive today. And now I can proudly say….. Chess is Life! – Raymond Kline

Humans majority of time think with in a specific level(say box).Chess helps to think out of the box by showing the possibilities which we strongly believe impossible earlier.We avoid thinking because we think that it is impossible.Chess helped me to look for possibilities around.Earlier if a Chess Problem is posted and if the solution looks impossible for me I put a comment that the Problem is with error.After that when I see the solution I came to know the possibility of solving which I strongly felt impossible earlier.Look around for Possibility which I learned from Chess. – Vital Pratap Varma Indukuri

Chess is life and vice verza Life is Chess. It helps me to improve logical cognition with tactics and strategies. –Jhun Cris

The more I play chess the more I enjoy it. Chess is all about calculations and math is my life. – Madukaku Clement Mark

Chess has helped me keep my mind sharp. It also helps me make the right decisions in my life by helping me consider the consequences of my actions. Chess can also be a great stress reliever. – Ted Rochon

I started finding that the same fails I make in the board, I make them un real life: making bad sacrifices, losing hope before the game ends, etc. I found that my style was a reflect of my attitude about common life. So I started working on it, on the board and on the real life. – Edgar Márquez

You are responsible for your actions, like in chess also in life there are no “takebacks”! – Νικόλας Σκέττος

Chess is very good for people who have depression, I can say that chess saved my life, I would like to have contributed much more with this noble art. – Marcio Ab

Some people turn to drugs, alcoholic, or prostitute, but me playing chess makes me feel much better! – Mohd Noh Mohd Ali

Chess taught me that no move is perfect. Your aim behind it should be clear. Do nothing without purpose. –Hammad Dar

It helps me to respect any person, people who seems have no idea about the game has kicked my ass really hard so I learned to respect allí people it doesn’t matters how they look like. – Edgar Márquez

As a very “general” thing, it can serve as a nice reminder that sometimes it’s better to think logically, and not let emotions such as frustration, anxiety etc. cloud one’s thinking. And I think it can help with learning to plan ahead several steps, instead of just one. – Timothy Rigney

There is always a best move there. Analysing the situation is what needed. – Payal Mittal

Determination, and flexibility – if one idea does not work, try another. – Fraser Musson

Keeping me away from negatives & fears of this world. – Devansh

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